10 Concrete Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Boost Your Business

Content marketing will boost your business – I know it, you know it, but do potential clients know it? Nope, they haven’t made that choice yet, which means they’re in the minority. Below is Function’s can’t-fail ten simple reasons content marketing works.

1. Flexibility – Hiring a freelance copywriter ensures that a company’s inbound marketing is taken care of by professionals, while keeping full-time staff (and their annual salaries/benefits/parking spot) free to focus on daily tasks.

2. Company Specific Solutions – Copywriters are focused specifically on each company’s specific marketing plan and write with that company’s clients as the intended target audience. Content marketing is tailored to your business and the solutions provided to your customers, solutions which are created based on the specific products and services your company offers.

3. Transparency and Expertise – Your business exposes what they’re all about, creating trust in your brand while efficiently informing potential buyers of industry-leading solutions to their problems. Want to sell your products? Write about them online.

4. Identity – People want to buy top-of-the-line products and services. Top-of-the-line content associates your business with greatness, which persuades more people to buy what you’re selling.

5. Shareable Content – The internet is a humongous marketplace where everyone has CIA-style earphones allowing communication with everyone else. When one person  appreciates a product, they’ll normally transmit this message to everyone in the marketplace so they can feel good about spreading the valuable news. On the street this is called word-of-mouth; on the internet it’s called linkbuilding. Linkbuilding is the manner in which share-friendly (read: good) content makes the rounds every day.

6. Organic Traffic – Websites become more visible to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing through effective use of keyword profiles and search engine optimization (SEO). Brand new visitors to a site are referred to as organic traffic; the higher the volume of unique visitors a site receives the greater the likelihood that a product or service will be purchased. Organic traffic is your first clue toward upcoming increasing returns on investment.

7. Generating Additional Revenue – Content management allows a company to promote products such as downloadable mp3’s, e-books, or other helpful services the company manufactures. The creation of these products is a one-time cost, however, the income generated is a passive revenue stream that can go on forever.

8. Applicable Problem Solving – Content marketing is a conduit with countless useful applications:

  • Communication between the company and clients or other business partners
  • Education through delivery of knowledgeable content
  • Delivery of new offers/discounts/changes
  • Introducing new products
  • Identifying long tail keywords (three and four keyword phrases that people use to search for specific items)
  • Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. sharing and promotion

9. Low-Risk investment – Informative articles and other additional revenue streams (seen in bullet #7) is accessible at all hours of the day. This increases your company’s selling power without paying overtime to anyone. This feature is especially important if your company wants to conduct business outside of its time-zone.

10. It’s fun! You’re passionate about your business and what you can offer people, so get to work with a copywriter to get that message out there. If you believe in what you’re selling then others will too.

Send your prospective clients to this list, extrapolate on it with your company’s specific characteristics, and watch your business grow.

Awesome professional life graph image by Flickr user Juhansonin.

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