Inspiration Strikes Via Newfoundland Sunrise

10 Sure-Fire Methods To Achieve Writing Inspiration

Have you seen the giant list of unpaid work at The World’s Longest Invoice? (I found it from @swissmiss via @paper-leaf.) You need to check it out, it’s unfathomable. Well, I guess it’s not, because it clearly happens, but geez is that unfortunate. It did get me thinking though about how great lists are and how reading and writing them will always be valuable. Here are ten methods I use to achieve writing inspiration:

  1. Go for a run. When that gets methodical I change up my route or run at a different time.
  2. Play video games like Assassin’s Creed or God Of War. These games remind me of the pressure to accomplish something in my own life instead of Ezio’s or Kratos’s.
  3. Drink decaf tea.
  4. Drink heavily caffeinated tea and ice cream and coffee.
  5. Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  6. Read through my twitter timeline and check out everything on the subject from Pushing Social. I came across the inspirational 7 Deadly SIns of Blogging from Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone while researching for this post.
  7. Outline a post before I know the content I’m going to write about. Ex: How To Create New Clients in 5 Steps (that would be a good article! (Update: It now is a good article!))
  8. Read blogs and articles somewhere other than my couch or living room. Caffè Cittadella down the street, for example, is a quaint little coffee shop that runs out of an old house that I like to frequent. It has an upstairs!
  9. Transport myself around Vancouver using a method other than my vehicle: the train, the bus (rarely), my skateboard or my feet.
  10. I have a notebook filled with great stuff and how it pertains to my life as a copywriter, and I always get new ideas out of old things I’ve jotted down.

In the vein of World’s Longest Invoice, let’s keep this train going! What inspires you?

PS I love working in my home and listening to whatever I want, this hot jam just dropped on my shuffle as I was preparing to publish and it fired me right up.

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