Part 1: When Is The Perfect Time To Start A New Online Business? Now!

It’s easy to find reasons not to do something. You’re moving, you don’t have enough money, you don’t know enough about the field you’re interested in, etc. Start using the stressful situations in your life (such as moving to a new city) as reasons you should do something rather than should not.

Do you enjoy helping people and the rewards that always come back your way? Yes, you do. Everyone does. So here’s the amazing thing about moving: it’s the perfect time to publish yourself, start a blog, start a new online business, or create a new online profile.

This is the first in a two-part mini-series focused on using the stress of moving to a new city as fuel to beginning new ventures.

Challenges = New Opportunities

Moving to a new city represents every challenge imaginable: funding (whoops, I met to write ‘finding’) a place to live, moving in with significant others, starting from scratch in your job market, networking with new contacts, learning your way around town and complaining about the unfamiliar weather. You’ve seen lists, magazines and airplane flip-books (for those unfortunate times when the stewardess demands your attention so that she might save your life – selfish) that help you deal with the stress of moving.

It’s Time To Start Writing Down Your Ideas

After the boxes are unpacked and the holiday effect wears off you’re going to feel a distinct emptiness because you’re still in a new place with unfamiliar surroundings with none of you’re life-long pals nearby. So now what? The most important possession you brought with you is your personality, your interests and your passions. Make use of that time and that passion to start a new business. Start organizing your ideas and how you can help others and try to breathe as the project inevitably picks up momentum.

Not an expert yet? Lacking confidence in your ideas? Then learn more about them! Passion starts with ideas, and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks.

Writing everything down is a massive help in avoiding frustration and boredom.

Too Burnt Out To Start Something New?

The funny thing about moving is that your reality shifts when you find yourself permanently ensconced in a new place. It’s as though the sun streaming through your window represents an alternate way of thinking or doing business or a different way of living itself. The effect of moving is draining, there’s no doubt, but only for a little while. This can be said of any stressful situation. Extinguish your exhaustion with the energy of your new home and the passion you brought with you.

Let’s be honest: you moved to a new city partly because you wanted to discover something about yourself, right? Even if this wasn’t foremost in your mind before the move I’d bet it is now. Now that the light has flipped on, you have choices. Sit and wait for opportunity and prosperity to fall out of the sky, or fly into the sky and grab opportunity by its skinny chicken-neck.

Next Wednesday: The second installment in this series looks at your startup, areas online where you can cultivate your talent and what starting a new venture will teach you about yourself.

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