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The Comforting Realities Of Universally Appealing Content (Part 1)

Content managers, copywriters and anyone else in the advertising game need to know the truth: universally appealing content doesn’t exist. Now take a deep breath, smile, and stop attempting to create content that helps everyone.

Trying to deliver universally appealing content (i.e. content that helps every person in every demographic in every location) is a flawed practice. I’m talking about the need content managers and authors feel to please all of their readers – it’s a fairly common trait in any line of business, and any line of every-day life too.

Pleasing everyone is impossible, and the more frequently writers try to make it happen the more frequently their work is stretched thin and ultimately falls flat on its face.

Near-perfect content may exist for smart-ass copywriters trying to prove a point, but the attempt to create actual perfect content should be avoided like the plague. This doesn’t change the fact that businesses need to get their message out there if they expect to sell anything – this is where the all-mighty content strategy hits the stage.

The Content Guide

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Explore Your Content

The most important aspect of your business is your content, but content managers still stress for hours about what people are going to think of their work. If you’re in charge of the content then it stands to reason that you’re the expert, correct? Look internally before complaining about the people who aren’t reading your content – and worry about the people who are.

I’ve written about exploring your own content before, bookmark these posts for further content curation cacaphony!

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Copywriters agree that the surest way to attract new customers for their clients is to write compelling content that encourages action. If you’re an expert on your product then you understand the core market that will benefit from your expertise, so make sure that said expertise is continually evolving and flexing to be consistently bigger and better.

Develop your content and make sure that your team is as helpful as you are – In his (timely published) article, Why Your Marketing Team Needs Content Marketing Training, Stanford at Pushing Social tells us that “successful businesses will need to train their teams to be effective content creation, distribution and evaluation specialists.”

In other words, content is the boss, so make sure yours is tight.

Explore Your Niche

Who wants to read what you have to say anyway? Figure out who you’re writing to and write for them. This particular post is aimed at the following niche: content managers who want to learn how to increase their area of influence. How might content managers achieve this feat? Why, marketing their content, of course!

Remember to:
  • Optimize your content by writing for your core niche.
  • Continually share your content with your core niche.
  • Encourage your core niche to share your content.

How do you know what your readers want? Well, what would have been helpful to know when you were learning about your topic? Better yet, if you have a lot of content already, just go back and figure out what content was the most popular amongst readers. Amanada Eichmann at Blueglass did precisely that, and the results are incredibly helpful for anyone building their business through content marketing.

Take for example my friend Greg and his company G-Zero Championships, an eco-friendly, competitive go-kart circuit based out of Vancouver, BC. G-Zero is expanding and has a very focused niche that they’re trying to reach: go-kart enthusiasts. It starts out as a simple solution: write to those people who like go-karts in a manner that clearly explains the benefit should they invest time and/or money and they’ll flock like a herd of lions after a fresh kill.

Graphic. Writing specifically to your niche will please the readers belonging to that subset. After all, you have a great product.

So your job is done, right?


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