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Why Your Business Should Hire a Professional Copywriter

Hiring a professional copywriter to craft compelling copy for your business is a huge advantage in the world of online marketing.

Do you have a product or service that helps people? Are you confident in that service, but don’t possess the means or skills necessary to get people talking about your business? Professional writers are just that – professionals who write about your business and attract potential clients and customers.

It’s been a busy time at the Function HQ; lots of exciting projects on the go relating to the ever-expanding world of professional copywriting and content marketing. It’s a big world out there, and it can be tough to organize everything. Fortunately for businesses small and large there are people who excel at just that (are you catching on?)

Have you read all four parts of  Function’s recently completed online guide to content marketing: The Content Guide? The Content Guide focuses on the value of hiring a professional copywriter for the purposes of optimizing your expertise. It’s completely free – The Content Guide is a jumping off point for businesses to understand the importance of their content, the realities of universal content, how to craft timeless content and hot to follow a content plan.

Want to learn about how to grow your business through your own expert content? Of course you do, what business doesn’t?

Take 15 minutes to read all four parts of The Content Guide:

Part 1: The Comforting Realities of Universally Appealing Content

Part 2: The Universal Appeal of Knowledgable Content

Part 3: Why Timeless Content Makes the World Go Round

Part 4: What Star Trek Taught Us About Content Development

Hiring a professional copywriter delegates the important task of content management to someone who is solely focused on getting your message out there while incorporating trained skills. The Content Guide is just the beginning – choosing to market your business online means you have an obligation to your company to communicate the best aspects of your services while demonstrating practiced expertise.

Do you have time to continually improve the benefits of your business while writing about them at the same time? Do you possess the necessary skills required to get people to take action? Hiring a professional copywriter is an investment. Learn exactly why you should hire a professional copywriter on Function’s new landing page: Why Should Your Business Should Hire a Professional Copywriter? Choosing to enhance the influence of your company by hiring a professional copywriter means you’re able to effectively:

  1. Market Your Image
  2. Optimize Your Effort
  3. Maximize Your Time
  4. Strengthen Your Relationships

That sounds like a (growing) company I’d love to work at. Is your business growing? Do you want it to? Contact Function today.

The next series in Function’s master content plan begins next week; Impact Writing for the Growing Business. Learn about how your company can take advantage of profesional copywriters and content marketing specialists no matter how many parking spots there are in front of your building.

The series is absolutely free, all you need to do is enter your email address and push the big green subscribe button, and you’ll be well on your way to learning the secret of growing your business through online content marketing and professional copywriting.

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  2. Kelvin,
    It’s pretty interesting. When I started blogging it was tough to convince business owners of the value of hiring somebody, even part-time, to handle their blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. These tools are free, they’d explain. Why can’t we just do it ourselves? Six months later they had posted maybe one decent blog post and a short stream of social content. You can’t do it all!
    Heather Stone recently posted..Corporate Philanthropy & Employee Engagement: Avoiding CAVE DwellersMy Profile

    • I completely agree Heather. I was given a ‘blog post’ as a piece of reference from a client who wanted to work on the blog herself. The ‘post’ was just a list of numbers.

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