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Content Marketing: How to Plan Methods That Work

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This is the third post in the series entitled: The Content Manager’s Guide to a Killer Online Marketing Plan – here’s part 1 & part 2.

Step 1. Decide to embark on an online content marketing plan.
Step 2. Explore business content, define niche market, set goals.
Step 3. Profit! Right?

Wrong. Your online content marketing plan isn’t going to blast off without a sturdy content rocketship and a semi-crazy Russian cosmonaut to fly her. Do ye be that cosmonaut? Aye, and ’tis certainly an empty expanse of limitless wonder ahead.

Wait, we’re launching a content marketing rocketship, not a pirate ship.

In any case, this ship needs a leader. As the content manager in charge of improving revenue streams for your business – you are that leader. The captain of the ship.

Well, Captain; once you’ve explored your content, defined your niche market and set your goals, your content marketing scheme still isn’t blasting off without a helpful payload to new star systems potential clients and customers. So what methods suit your marketing plan?

Brainstorm Potential Content Marketing Methods

It happens all the time – companies make the decision to launch an online content marketing plan, they pop the cork on a bottle of champagne and they all end up looking at eachother and asking, “Wait, was I supposed to do something?”

What does your content marketing campaign consist of? What concrete methods are you going to use to accomplish the goals you set after reading part 1of The Content Manager’s Guide to a Killer Online Content Marketing Plan?

1) What methods will be most appreciated by your niche market?

Remember the character you drew on a piece of paper last week, then fastened to a wall in your office? Remember how I said you’d need some darts?

Think of each dart as a method or a tactic you’re going to use to draw a new customer toward your content. The character you’ve enshrined in your office – what method of content marketing will appeal to this person’s specific characteristics? How will you target these people? (Get it? Target!)

2) Tie these methods into the message of your content marketing plan.

Each method is a dart. Explain to yourself (and write down) why your message would be effectively communicated with these tactics and then…throw!

Note: Please do not throw real darts at real people. Function in no way condones throwing darts at people as a form of content marketing.

For example: if your target market is busy hockey parents, perhaps a weekly blog series would efficiently carry your message. If your target market is brides-to-be, then maybe a wedding dress photo-shoot demonstrating your beautiful wedding gowns is the way to go.

The methods you choose to market your content online are crucial to get right, so spend time brainstorming them. Your methods should be:

  1. Actionable
  2. Measurable
  3. Proven
  4. Helpful

If the method you’ve chosen hits all these bullets, then people will share the content they read in your blog posts, learn from your articles, and watch in your videos. Isn’t this the key to any business? Word-of-mouth? Well, word-of-mouth now exists on the internet as well, in case you weren’t aware.

Note: This post isn’t about the actual benefits of online marketing, rather the methods of online marketing. If you still need convincing as to why you should be marketing your content online, don’t just take my word for it – check out the always insightful posts from Ruth Zive at MarketingWise, and learn the truth about content marketing: everybody’s doin’ it, matey.

3) Create a calendar that clearly shows your scheduled plan of attack.

Once you’ve decided on what methods best suit your audience, write them out in calendar form on the back of the large piece of paper that you were just throwing darts at. Or use a whiteboard – actually this is probably a better idea (so you can recycle the evidence of your game of darts).

Physically publishing your content marketing plan on a calendar so it’s visible in your office will help you envision exactly what you need for your campaign and when you need it. It will also make the process of gathering the right people (which we’ll cover in part 3) for your marketing team more focused and efficient.

Next week we’ll talk about how to find productive, talented members whose talent will contribute to the success of your online marketing campaign.

In the meantime, sit down and start brainstorming methods that will work for your online content marketing plan. As always, give me a call if you want some help with potential ideas.

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