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Your Small Business Blog: What’s The Point?

Building your small business can take some time, but during that time there’s a lot you can learn about your company and the work you’re doing:

  • What your small business is good at.
  • What your small business needs to improve on.
  • Who your audience is.
  • How to create a blog that helps this audience.

Small business bloggers have a unique opportunity to not only demonstrate their benefits to clients and customers, but to learn more about exactly what they want people to spend their time and/or money on.

So, what’s the point of a small business blog? Let’s find out!

This is part two in the Impact Writing for Growing Business series. Part one be here, matey: The Four Essential Building Blocks of Growing Companies.

I’m a blogger now – screw you, pants!

Before your content marketing strategy begins to take shape, chances are you’ll find yourself asking a question that you’ve probably heard from a lot of your friends: what the hell is the point of starting a small business blog, anyway?

1. What is your small business good at?

Creating a blog that’s a worthy use of your time needs to align closely with your small business’s benefits. Free blog posts that people can read easily in a couple minutes are one of the most effective methods of marketing your content online. If the content is good, and the description of the content is good, then people will associate your small business with … goodness.

Note: did you know you can claim google authorship for your wordpress site? Brian Gardner will teach you how!

2. Share the wealth.

Writing about that time at the gym when you did 400 squats with two baby rhinos on your back does not a small business blog make. In order to create a blog that’s worthy of prospective readers’ time, you need to write blog posts that share aspects of your company that will entice people to visit once, twice, or every week until the next mayan ablogalypse. (Finally fit that in!)

If you’re worried about giving away industry secrets, don’t be. Give away the results, not the recipe.

Another benefit of blogging consistently is the positive effect helpful new content and backlinks can have on your SEO (search engine optimization) profile. Check out Neil Patel’s blog post on the transformation of SEO into a long tail game.

3. Monetize your effort (how does your blog bring in revenue?)

Publishing a new post on the ol’ Function blog doesn’t immediately result in the clouds opening up to dump wads of dollar bills into my lap. Who would even want that?

Ok, me too. But here’s the point: publishing blog posts on a consistent basis opens doors. I feel very strongly about this, because it’s due in part to my blog that I’m able to acquire new, more interesting and better-paying clients. Blogs are tools to reach more people that may be interested in what you do. I’m not giving away the secret ingredients or the hardcore behind-the-scenes operation that is Function Writing (I refer you back to the second subheading), but the bottom line is still this: Function blog posts attract readers (and potential clients) to my work.

Ok, but this still isn’t the point of your blog…

The point of your blog is not to make money. At least not directly. The point of your small business blog is to educate. Educating people with positive words about your work will turn your small business into a growing business.

Ask yourself:

Other than earning a living, what’s the point of your business?

  • To build handy software?
  • To create new products in the oil and gas?
  • To account for people’s finances?
  • To help people with something?

Dedicating your blog to helping people with your expertise and following through on that promise will not only bring people through the (online) door, but it will force you to learn every conceivable aspect of your craft. I loved university, but no class on Earth could prepare me for the pressure I feel to deliver quality online content to a growing list of subscribers, readers and industry influencers.

What did I do with that pressure? I shaped it into a crowbar and started prying open those doors we talked about earlier. Pretty soon, doors were running scared with their tails tucked between their legs away from my CROWBAR O’ JUSTICE.

The Purpose of Life Small Business Blogs Is…

…to educate your readers about your benefits while teaching yourself more about your own business.

So get on it. If your business needs a simple, cost-effective way to reach new clients, then start blogging. Pretty soon your small business will start to grow on the back of your skills and your ability to educate your market.

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  1. Thanks for outlining the main benefits Kevin. I am not a consistent blogger (although I promised myself that i will write every week from now on :) ) but I see a lot of small businesses holding on to their ideas and not sharing the knowledge. Your points are right on. I believe that execution is more important than idea and by sharing your idea a small business is showing that they know their stuff and can execute it too :)
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