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4 Rules For a Hilarious Social Media Campaign

Awhile back I finally admitted to myself that I would never understand society.

We celebrate Kim Kardashian breaking the internet while neglecting the effort required to, uh…

I can’t even think of anything else. THAT’S HOW MESSED UP SOCIETY IS.

It’s because of my ignorance that I thought I would never succeed as a social media campaign manager. How can I engage with an audience when I don’t watch the news and I don’t know what’s going on around the world?

Answer: I’m a funny guy.

1. Develop a Fluid Personality

Instead of trying to steal someone else’s persona I just use my own. It’s why I get hired to oversee social media campaigns – I stopped copying others and committed to being myself. And myself is fun!

If that’s not good enough? Then the client is free to go elsewhere. It takes time to get comfortable with social media but as long as you’re natural across all your channels (and you’ve got mad writing skills) then your campaign will grow naturally.

Part of using your own personality is understanding how often you should be sharing content.

Nobody likes the guy who sits around the table talking about himself all night.

2. Assign Focus to Each Channel

No, being hilarious and dropping random references like a Family Guy re-run won’t secure your reign as a Social Media Kingpin. Pay attention to your respective audiences. There may be some overlap, but you’ll reach more people if you cater to each audience.

For example, for the following channels I work from a home base of guidelines.

  • LinkedIn: professionals, business types, education focus
  • contribute: how-to’s, short list-posts, inspiration, work-related content
  • Facebook: procrastinators, fun-seekers, entertainment focus
  • contribute: images, quotes, life-related content, timeless content
  • Twitter: enthusiasts in a specific niche, eager readers, instant news focus
  • contribute: blog posts, how-to’s (cater to your niche)

3. Establish Common Ground

How does one engage with an audience when your subject matter is mortgages? Well, there’s always common ground.

Mortgages? Houses. Construction. Build a social media campaign around helpful knowledge and cool pictures of houses.

Life insurance? Sunrises. Pictures of people riding bikes. People smiling. Inspiring stories of overcoming hardship.

When you establish common ground in your social media campaign, you transform your channels into a lifestyle for the client. Common ground enables easy sharing and speaks directly to a specific audience.

4. Work At Original Content

A healthy social media campaign requires thinking on the go. The future of every campaign is always a bit cloudy – adapt by trying new techniques based on feedback from your audience.

Don’t be afraid to share content from a new source or feed, but don’t let it stand-in for original content too much. The backbone of social media is original content.

  • pictures
  • quotes
  • messages
  • blog posts

They all have their place if shared across the appropriate channels.

Social media is supposed to be fun. We all internalize content more efficiently when we enjoy it.

What do people enjoy reading, watching or viewing? If you can answer that question and make ’em laugh while you’re doing it, then your clients will be happy and you can continue telling jokes on the internet for money.

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    • Bah! I thought I changed that a long time ago! Apparently not since 2013!

      Anyways, yeah, to an extent each channel is becoming its own platform. But if there’s no central base then what’s the point? In this case there is always original content to come to, it’s just bolstered by content from other reputable places.

      So, it depends on who’s running the show and what their intention for having the account in the first place.
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